Wednesday, 13 June 2012

If Pierre Gauthier shit on the team, and nobody ever heard him, do the Habs still stink?

For his second order of important business, Marc Bergevin will have to select an impact player with the third overall selection at the 2012 NHL entry draft in Pittsburgh. This will hopefully be the first of many moves designed to overhaul our pathetic forward crop left behind by Pierre "the ghost" Gauthier.

Personally, I want Galchenyuk. I don't want a defenseman, because as surprising as it is, I like our defence corps moving forward. PK, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Mac Bennet, Diaz... Not so bad.  So we need a forward, and as the title of this blog hinted to, Gauthier (and Gainey) have left the Forward cupboard so bare it would be considered lower-class in Detroit.

We aren't getting Nail Yakupov, because he's going first. So that leaves Galchenyuk and Grigorenko as far as top-end forward talent is concerned. Grigorenko has been reported to posses more skill, but there are concerns with his compete level and work ethic. As Habs fans are all too aware, Russian skill combined with a less-than-stellar work ethic does not a team leader make. (*cough* Kovalev *cough*)

And so, Galchenyuk, barring a surprising scenario in which he's gone by the time Montreal picks, seems to be the best pick the Habs can make. A big, strong centerman with a heavy shot and winning attitude. Hey, I'll take him over Gomez.

Then again, I'd take Snoop Dogg on April 20th to center our power play over the Mexican-Alaskan waste of cap space.

From Alberta with pessimism...

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